New to this Portal? It is possible for there to be multiple installations of the Sentinel System Driver on a computer. However, the installer will still prompt the user to reboot during the installation whenever it encounters a reboot action in the middle of the installation. Leave a comment on DMF1’s reply. This website is provided for discussion purposes only. You can also burn your own copies of the Sentinel System Driver CD and distribute them with your product.

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Sentunel this feature on unsupported operating systems has no effect. To install the driver normally with user interactionbut log results: This keeps the distribution complete.

The user interface always prompts the user with an option rainbow technologies sentinel system reboot at the end. This property has no effect on Windows 9x. This allows users to be directed straight to your Web site for problems. It only works during uninstallation of the entire package.

Sentinel driver installation problem

The installation program should automatically run; otherwise, run setup. Various custom actions in the installer will set this property when they decide a reboot is required to complete the installation. This also works in Windows sometimes referred to as Windows NT 5. Rainbow technologies sentinel system sentinfl is no user interface the system automatically reboots at the end of the installation. After you add a custom action to call the Sentinel System Driver’s.


There is no effect if you set this on a system that does not require an upgrade. This allows users to be directed to your technical support number for assistance. This property fully uninstalls the Sentinel USB dentinel when set. In general, the driver is able to automatically detect your parallel ports and does not need to be set up manually.

All content rainbow technologies sentinel system SafeNet, Inc.

Sentinel System Driver Installation Options

How to detect version of Sentinel Protection Installer is installed? This uninstalls the Sentinel System Driver. It will not provide any prompts before doing this.

Rainbow technologies sentinel system alternative is to point your systme to the Rainbow Technologies Web site http: To prevent installation of beta. If you select this option, the installer will run the Windows Installer for the Sentinel System Technollogies and allow you to modify, repair, or remove the installation. Tags No tags available for this topic. This differs from the parallel driver, which is always loaded after it is installed, so the configuration program rainbow technologies sentinel system always detect its presence.


Repairs or reinstalls missing or corrupted files. Type the characters you see in the picture below. This option is available only with msiexec.

To set a property from the command line, use the following syntax: This property allows you to control which features will be installed. This website is provided for discussion purposes only.

Sentinel System Driver Installation Guide

The user interface settings below display a modal dialog box at the end of installation. When the device is removed, the driver is never loaded. New rainbow technologies sentinel system this Portal? This is a supported custom technologiees built into Windows Installer.

The trick to using this method is allowing the installer to find the files it needs to install.