With a new Atom at its heart, the new Wind U netbook packs in the features. If watching high resolution videos is of special interest, Ion ranges should be favored as the integrated Geforce M G graphic card can support the Atom CPU significantly here. They gleam in intensive colors on the display. Intel could reduce the power requirement considerably with these and other measurements, as can be seen clearly in the single TDP-key figures Thermal Design Power of 2W for the new Intel NM 10 chip set and a whole 22W for the older Intel GC chip set. It’s necessary to remark the good case stability as well as the very pleasant to use keyboard. Poor sound is a bit of a surprise, detracting from what are otherwise fairly typical specs for a standard netbook.

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It’s a shame that the vba has involved so much glossy plastic, but it’s still a worthwhile netbook, with a great screen and a keyboard and touchpad that are comfortable to use.

You get the usual Wind fare that correlates to the positioning in the netbook sector in terms of connectivity. Techradar The flood of netbooks appearing on the market is showing no signs of abating and the MSI U is one of the latest.

MSI Wind U135

After installing the software the touchpad sprung to life and even offered various two-finger multi-touch features. It was even more annoying that, at least in our prototype, the needed scroll function didn’t work or wasn’t enabled.


According to MSI, this should be limited to the international market as well. It isn’t obtrusive with Pocket Lint Using the MSI Wind U is a pleasure when it comes to typing, except for the irritation of that small right-hand shift key – we often found we hit the neighbouring up arrow, moving the cursor into the line above when typing.

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The given viewing angles turn out surprisingly generous for a netbook.

The Wind U tries to score in terms of mobility with a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 49Wh. In our opinion, it would be very sensible to basically decrease the volume at the expense of a few degrees more case temperature. MSI keeps the painted silver look inside the notebook, but instead of keeping the weave pattern, it shifts to a textured silver paint.

How to use Webcanm on msi u135dx netbook.

Checking the system latencies showed deflections in the possibly critical field every now and again. There haven’t been any big changes in comparison to the Wind U’s case. A current immediate opponent in terms of both looks i135 configuration, as well as the price: If there now were suspicious case surface temperatures noticed, something would likely be badly wrong with the prototype.

Netbooks unter Euro Source: Please share our article, every link counts! MSI went with a very simplistic weave pattern on the U that blends in well with the features of the netbook.

The pattern is also copied inside the notebook over the touchpad surface. The trebles are much too dominant even at a reduced volume and sound enjoyment can’t be found at any setting.

You find a correlating icon by the function keys, but pressing neither triggered an optical feedback nor was there a noticeable impact on the hardware, such as the CPU clock rate. The Wind models were counted to the pioneers of the unyielding netbook trend, beside the Eee PCs from Asus.

We later found the drivers included on the MSI support website, which brought multi-touch options, as well as simple features like scrolling. With a new Atom at its heart, the new Wind U netbook packs in the features. We weren’t quite as happy with the VGA porteither. Furthermore, there is glare type display that principally shows respectable assessment data, but is at a disadvantage in adverse light conditions in comparison to displays with a matt surface.


Despite its relatively mediocre performance, it’s the sort of netbook that’s perfectly usable on a day-to-day basis, thanks to its excellent keyboard and lengthy battery life Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: The touchpad buttons shared the same rocker-style switch, but the button was flexible enough that both sides could be pressed at the same time with minimal effort. For most users the speakers are great if you want to watch a quick streaming video clip or listen to some music in the background, but if you intend on watching a movie, headphones are the preferred option.

Review MSI Wind U Netbook – Reviews

The netbook is allegedly available for starting at euro. Users looking to upgrade any components will be in for a surprise when they notice there are no access panels on the bottom of the U Vya office applications, internet and mail.

Horizontal viewing angles are better, keeping colors looking true even at steep angles. They are Chiclet-style keyboards and share the same layout, key size, and key shape. It’s recommendable to consider the position to the sun and if required, to look for a shadowy place. Comparing both models side-by-side the U feels more solid and attached to the frame, whereas the keyboard on the PE bounces slightly.