Luckily I have a good sense of smell and direction. Thanks for any help you can give. I will repeatedly get asked if I am indoors, in the USA, and current time. Is there any other way to update? Tim – February 17th, Here is a example of a address I have: Turning on WAAS will increase accuracy, but limit battery life.

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Tim – May garmin streetpilot c330, I am a service tech. The c has a little bit better battery life and wider map coverage. Shortened time required to detect user moving away from the calculated route. I have done a reset and re-downloaded the software??

I tried to update for new versions from garmin. Tim – December 15th, I really enjoy my c Touching the “Where To?

Tim – November 24th, I am want an inexpensive gps for occasional use. A lot of good garmin streetpilot c330 did me! Would be using the gatmin primarily for vacations, road trips, etc, not everyday driving. The Houston Rockets center nonchalantly declines, finishes pumping his gas, and folds himself back into garmin streetpilot c330 car.

Updates & Downloads

Rich – December 6th, Rich, all manufacturers charge for official map updates. Tim – September 10th, Can someone garmin streetpilot c330 me an opinion on the Garmin nuvi w vs.


For example, the c doesn’t display latitude, longitude, altitude, or satellite status. Now it did nail the exact address, once I garmin streetpilot c330 a paper map to find the best route and got close.

Hi Tim, The other day we were trying to test our Garmin C with walmart store around us. I got this for x-mas and it works just fine but it doesnt really have any of the business listed, if Im figuring this out right the maps preloaded are 06 is that right?

Garmin streetpilot c330 – December stretpilot, Tim – Garmin streetpilot c330 13th, While in many ways the Street Pilot c is very simple to use, the lack of configuration and display options may disappoint some consumers who want loads of information.

Improved the timing of voice guidance prompts. The lowest-priced item in unused and unworn condition with absolutely no signs of wear.

Garmin: StreetPilot c Updates & Downloads

Corrected issue when searching with diacritic characters. Philip – January 26th, We have the Garmin Street Pilot c and are gqrmin purchasing the lifetime garmin streetpilot c330 update. Roger Marsh – August 11th, I just tried my C again this week to find a place I have never been. You just need to be careful when reassembling, srteetpilot as to not foul up the antannae.


Gary – November 24th, Tim – August 11th, Roger: I would like to get some info on the garmin products, specifically the c Kath Kath Beiswanger – March 18th, Often that is the information I really want.

No one here knows the garmin streetpilot c330 well enough to be strreetpilot, I really need a recommendation. The navigator contains detailed maps of the U. It is driving me nuts! What can you tell me?

If you’re looking for a simple-to-use portable GPS, especially if you are new garmin streetpilot c330 the technology, the StreetPilot c is a good choice, especially considering its price.