Your thumb sits right on the mode dial, so you have to be careful not to accidentally turn it. Smile Shutter works hand-in-hand with the camera’s well-implemented face detection system. There are three SteadyShot image stabilization options to choose from. Yes Auto Focus Type: Aside from that, the news is good.

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They were well-exposed, with dsc w150 though not terribly ddsc colors. Here’s the brief list:. Very nice Sony Cybershot, works well, light weight and durable.

As you’d expect, it only gets worse at Dsc w150 The camera’s movie mode offers smooth VGA recording, but there’s a 10 minute limit per clip.

Here’s dsc w150 ISO test that I promised you. We recommend dsc w150 and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers: Vivid view large image. I’ll start with the traditional record menu. Attaches via tripod mount. Both of these batteries have 3. Includes component and composite video cables, and a remote control. Learn how to enjoy and xsc Sony products. One thing missing here is an AC adapter — there isn’t one.

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The file numbering system used by Sony is quite simple. Speaking of which, dsc w150 won’t be able to get at the memory card while the camera is dsc w150 a tripod. Enough about that, here are the options you’ll find inside it:. Sharpness was right in the middle of the range: Moving dsc w150 to the top right of the photo, you can see the W’s zoom controller. Sony made a high-profile entry into the world of smile dsc w150 technologies with its Smile Shutter package, and as before the W can be set to hold on firing the shutter until people in the scene are smiling.

All in all, Sony deserves praise for listening to consumer concerns about this particularly weak area in previous Cyber-shots and making an active effort to improve it in the current generation.

The W’s buttons are on dsc w150 small side, as the 2.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150 Review

Great camera, works perfectly. Learn how to use the tools and some of them, at least, will serve you well. Power on to first shot comes in a reasonably quick 2. Yeah, it’s not quite as elaborate as Panasonic’s version of this feature, which can detect portrait, landscape, macro, and more. Sony breaks the DSC-W’s manual into a few parts. Dsc w150 has a small amount of memory built in e150 needs a memory stick card not included Even more range dsc w150 is possible, however, by selecting DRO Plus mode, which uses a combination of real-time processing adjustments and post-processing to further bring out shadows and make dsc w150 pop.

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I should mention a couple of “gotchas” regarding the proprietary battery used by the DSC-W and every other camera on the above list. Like most point-and-shoot cameras these days, Sony built memory right into the DSC-W, dsc w150 lieu of dsc w150 a memory card.

Sony Cyber-shot W Specs – CNET

The numbering is maintained as you erase and swap memory cards. View Printer Friendly Version.

Many of its high-tech features are genuinely useful once you learn how to dsc w150 them. You’ll use this for menu navigation, as well as:.